QUICK TIPS .........  

                                                               LEARN AT A GLANCE!!!

1.   Use the most important keyword first when using a string of words.
      Generally use 2 to 4 words that relate to your search topic.
2.   Type all keywords in lowercase.
3.   Use+  and-   signs in front of a word to include or exclude
      keywords e.g.  + education-public education or +education
      -elementary education-private education. Your search will only
      locate the term with a   +   in front, but none of the terms with-  
      before the word will be searched.
4.   Quotation marks (") use around a phrase will ensure a search that
      is exactly as you have the phrase or words e.g. "United States" or
      "animal rights"  or"ozone layer".
5.   Truncate by typing an asterisk (*) at the end of a word...e.g. wish* 
      search will return all pages with wish, wishes, wishful, wishbone,
      and wishy-washy.

1.   A boolean search filters out information you don't need and quickly
      and accurately finds the information you do need by using . . . AND,
      OR, or NOT.
2.   When using Boolean operators most search engines require you
      to use CAPS, e.g.  "safety belts" AND (seat belts OR air bags).

1.   Check spelling for accuracy.
2.   If your first search does not return what you need, try again by
      using different words.  Remember also to try another search
      engine or tool since some index the web in different ways.