Fine Arts Websites

Art & Architecture Thesaurus Online
Contains brief definitions of terms relating to "fine art, architecture, decorative arts, archival materials, and material culture."

Art History
Gateway of links covering all periods of art and its history.  Created by a professor at Sweet Briar College.

Art Source
Gateway website divided by category.

Timeline of Art History
A chronological, geographical, and thematic exploration of the history of art from around the world.

Art Cyclopedia Glossary
Dictionary of fine art terms.

Music Online Glossary
A dictionary of musical terms.

Architectural Resources from ArtSource
ArtSource is a gathering point for networked resources on Art and Architecture.  Content is diverse.

Architecture and Architectural History
Selected internet sources in architecture and architectural history from the UCLA Arts Library site.

Architecture and Building
Topics covered by this guide include architecture, building and construction, design, housing, planning, preservation, facility management, energy and the environment, and landscape architecture.

Art and Architecture Thesaurus
The Getty Research Institute's Vocabulary Databases (the Art & Architecture Thesaurus, the Union List of Artist Names, and the Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names) contain terminology and other information about the visual arts, architecture, artists, and geographic places.

Environmental Design Library:  Landscape Architecture Internet Resources
A selection of Internet resources pertaining to landscape architecture.

Perseus Project
An extensive library of art objects, sites, and buildings. Images are accompanied by a description of the object and its context. This web site currently publishes over 15,350 images. The catalogs currently contain 523 coins, 1420 vases, 366 sculptures, 179 sites, and 381 buildings.

Sustainable Architecture: Ecodesign and Landscaping
Planning, design,  integrated architecture and landscaping for tropical, sub-tropical or temperate climates.

Wright On the Web
Offers a brief overview of Frank Lloyd Wright's career.

Archives of American Art
Dedicated to illuminating scholarship of the history of art in America through collecting, preserving, and making available for study the documentation of this country's rich artistic legacy.

Art Cyclopedia: The Guide to Museum-Quality Art on the Internet
Includes over 7,000 artists with graphics of important works plus biographical and related article information. 

The Artist's Toolkit: Visual Elements and Principles
Presents a most interesting way of learning about line, color, space, shape, balance, and movement/rhythm as an artist.

Art Research Guides
From Mississippi State University's page of art internet resources.

Getty Art and Architecture Thesaurus On Line
Reference tool that offers good online resource to definition and description of terms relating to art and architecture.

Perseus Project: Art and Archeology
Ancient World resources of art, buildings, and objects

World Wide Art Resources
Comprehensive guide to art information on the web.

Dance Resources on the Web
The Boston University Libraries page of resources.

NYPL International Dance Resources
Directory of select links on the subject of dance and ballet.

Internet Movie Database
Quick access to movie titles with complete summary information.

New York Times: Movie Reviews
Reviews since 1983.

AllMusical Genres
A collection of music websites divided by genre.

Music Research Guides
From Mississippi State University's page of music internet resources.

Music Resources on the Web (Yale)
Well-selected short list of music internet sources covering music history, musicians, and other related topics.

The Orchestra: A User's Manual
The Philharmonia orchestra offers this introduction to the orchestra, orchestration, composition, and instruments, using text, QuickTime videos of Philharmonia musicians, audio clips, and "illustrative musical examples."

The Wagner Library
Content-filled website about Wagner.

American Museum of Photography
A virtual museum. 

PhotoServe Portfolios
A visual database of the world's best photographers.

African Sculpture
Discusses sculpture in Africa and provides images of African sculptures in various media.

Digital Imaging Project
Thousands of images of sculpture and architecture from prehistoric to postmodern.  Indexed by artist and architect, historical site, and chronological period. Notes and multiple views are provided for each work.

International Sculpture Center
Comprehensive collection of resources in the area of sculpture, including images from galleries all over the world, tips for marketing, biographical information on sculptors, and examples of their work. Also includes a section entitled "Computer Lab," dealing with digital sculpture and 3-D visualization.