About MELO

  • What is MELO?
    It is an electronic collection of resource information selected by librarians and taken from the internet.  It contains web pages, databases, Mississippi community college library catalogs, and links to Mississippi CC library web pages.  It is an initiative of the Mississippi Virtual Community College (MSVCC).

  • What are my library's hours?
    You can find the hours of each community college library on your library website.

  • How do I find a book in my community college library on MELO?
    On the MELO homepage, select your college from the drop down menu, "Visit your college library".  Access to the online catalog for your library can be found on the libraries home page.  These catalogs provide an index to a library's books, journals, and videos.

  • Would I find other information databases on my college library's web page?
    Yes, many of the Mississippi community college libraries subscribe to other databases that are not found on MELO.  It is always a good idea to select your college from the drop down menu, "Visit your college library" on the MELO home page to see what your library has to offer.

  • How do I find a magazine or journal article on MELO?
    On the MELO home page, click on "Reference Resources" link in the colored box. 

  • What databases are found on MELO?
    All MELO databases are listed on one page, "Databases A-Z".   A link to this page is on the MELO home page.  The MAGNOLIA databases as well as those found just on MELO are listed there.

  • What is MAGNOLIA?
    MAGNOLIA is a collection of premier databases that are funded by the state legislature and are available free of charge to all Mississippi citizens.  These databases do require a password that may be obtained through your MS community college library.  Click the link "Get Database Login" on the MELO home page for contact information.

  • How can I access a database from off-campus?
    The best way is to go to the "Databases A-Z" page, select the database you want.  You will then be prompted for a password.  Contact your college library for login information.  On the MELO home page, click "Get Database Login" for contact information.

  • How do I get a password to access a database from off-campus?
    Contact your own community college library.  Contact information is available by selecting "Get  Database Login" on the MELO home page.

  • How do I know if a web site is considered reliable?
    Evaluating Sources from Ithaca College gives a quick and good overview for evaluating website information.

  • Where can I find a dictionary, encyclopedia, or directory on MELO?
    MELO's "Reference Resources" page offers quick useful information on a broad range of subjects.  It includes encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories, almanacs, guides, handbooks, and manuals.  A link to "Reference Resources" can be found on the MELO home page.

  • How do I cite a source? ....how do I cite one of MELO's databases?
    It is always best to first check with your instructor for any specific instructions as to style or format they want.   Manuals for different bibliographic/works cited information are found on MELO's "Documentation & Style" page under Writing Center.