Psychology Websites

American Psychological Association
APA homepage that offers a wide range of information relating to the subject of psychology including news articles, conferences, ethics, locating a psychologist, journals, and continuing education.

Association for Psychological Science
Website for the Association of Psychological Science plus a link to listing of other selected sites by this organization.

Classics in the History of Psychology
Full-text, but mostly articles published before the 1930s.

Current Topics in Psychology
Includes a listing of both general links and more specific.  Selects and organizes topics from articles, websites, and research tools.

Encyclopedia of Psychology
Over 1700 links to psychology websites.

Interactive teaching tool for college psychology.

Online Social Psychology Studies
Over 200 web-based surveys and experiments are linked.

PsychWeb Resources
Includes full-text books, popular topics of the day, links to college psychology departments, and more.  Created by a professor from Georgia Southern University.

Created by a psychology instructor in England.

Child and Adolescent Mental Health
Developed for the public by the National Institute of Mental Health.

Sibling Rivalry
Centers around the causes and consequences of this age old problem.

Teaching Clinical Psychology
A site "devoted to sharing of ideas and resources for the teaching of clinical psychology" from a Rider University (New Jersey) professor.

Centre for Psychology Resources/Cognitive
A site “devoted to sharing of ideas and resources for the teaching of clinical psychology” from a Rider University (New Jersey) professor.

Psychology Services Center
Makes available links and resources to cognitive and social problems.   A University of Mississippi Website.

Finding Psychology Departments on the Internet
Search by name or location.

PsyberSite at Miami University
Gateway to web tutorials created by graduate and undergraduate students and supervised by professors. These links are about all areas relating to psychology.

The Quantitative Study of Dreams
An academic look at dreams.

Great Ideas in Personality
"This website deals with Scientific Research Programs in personality psychology."

The Personality Project
A guide for theory and research.

Resources for the Teaching of Social Psychology
Megasite of useful information sponsored by the Associated Colleges of Illinois.

Top Ten Online Psychology Experiments
Experiments that are long-term, or if data is no longer collected you can still do the experiment for fun.